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Re-Targeting. Re-Marketing. Reaching !

GlobalSNS is a cutting-edge digital platform for video, online display and mobile advertising. Reach your audience and outperform the ordinary. Unique and effective way to engage consumers using a smart and interactive display mechanism. Using creative content and its unique representation, the platform provides effective visibility of any advertisement attracting users attention.

Avant-garde, powerful, distinct!

Prestige campaign in just a few clicks that provides full visibility. Takes the hard work out of online advertising, by making everything super simple, easy to understand and user-friendly. Creating, launching, monitoring and optimizing your campaign is a simple, effortless process. Our technology can adjust to any digital advertiser’s needs, on any format and on any platform – display, video or mobile. The right audience at the right time - on any screen. No matter what you do, no matter where you are, we can help determine the most powerful digital strategy and then execute it brilliantly.

Take your advertising revenue to the MAX!

GlobalSNS prestige advertising adds a new dimension to your site with a pleasant and interactive approach. Through innovative solutions, our unique advertising network has quickly attracted many publisher websites with average to high amounts of visits. GlobalSNS offers high quality advertising formats, guaranteeing high income, with a simple implementation and easy management.

Unique advertising platform

GlobalSNS Source is a unique high quality display advertising platform. We use the most technologically advanced methods in the industry to create a smooth attractive look. We simply maximize display advertising revenue. Better than anything else. Try it.

Get paid easily !

Getting paid with GlobalSNS is simple. We’ve gone to great lengths to remove as many hurdles as possible, so getting your money into your bank account is simple. We offer USD and RUS accounts along with a great range of withdrawal options, so whatever your preference, you access your money easily.

Advertising Solutions That Respond to Tomorrow’s Challenges

New unique format, nothing you have seen before, adding a new dimension to the page creating new ad space without disrupting the user. The technology revolution of ad space paved the way to a stronger, transparent and manageable ecosystem of digital advertising through the power of GlobalSNS solutions. We tailor our solution services to your particular place in the advertising value chain: Publishers, Advertisers, Agencies and Brands.